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How are you going to set the story up? Characters : Who's in the story. Time after time, evidence has disproved this theory. The best essays are clear, concise, and easily understood by a

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Risk of using cellphone while driving essay

risk of using cellphone while driving essay

a suddenly stopped car in a dense city traffic stream or not to notice the pedestrian. Because of the cell phone use or texting while driving.Persuasive Essay on Cell Phone Driving. The ban on the phone use while driving does importance of internet in students life essay not reduce a number of road accidents the scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology came to such a conclusion having carried out a scientific research. Clear instructions, examples, and tips for how to write a Readers.

Is it dangerous or not? In my point of view, using a cell phone while driving increases the risk of accident. We will write a custom essay sample on Using a Cell Phone While Driving specifically for you FOR only.38.9/page. Free Essay : Although cell phones have not been around for a very long time, they have become.

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Let us create the best one for you! It is life-threatening for both drivers and pedestrians. Imagine if all of those drivers were drinking instead of using their cell phones behind the wheel. Do you know hoy many deaths occur per year because of the cell phones? In their opinion, the drivers speaking on the phone while operating a car are obviously predisposed to careless driving, and the gadget use influences the situation a little. A study at the University of Utah that was published in the journal "Psychological Science" found that people who had conversations on any type of cell phone were twice as likely to hit the person in front of them, braked more slowly and accelerated more. Drivers do not pay attention to the road, which causes accidents to happen. Just the act of dialing a cell phone increases crash risk by three times.(Teen Drivers m) This is one of the worst distractions drivers can have, Due to the fact that you are not paying attention to the road. Thus, they should pull over and then make a call. They are also too busy thinking about their responses and what to say to pay attention to other drivers on the road.

risk of using cellphone while driving essay

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