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Player arbitration

UK licensed online casinos U. I won had no problems with drawing my winning! By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. When a bonanza is won, it returns to the original seeded value. My first a small amount of payouts were fine but all of a sudden payouts are taking longer and longer to get your withdrawls. Earlier, I discussed how certain betting providers offer lump sum payouts. Acknowledge Learn moreā€¦. Marius on June 28,

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As I made this withdrawal, they requested me to send voided check afterwards three days, and my withdrawal is still processing and it has accepted three weeks. Reply Hi. Reply My phone number has been switched after that their site wont let me cancel the number and put in a new one. Reply Like so a lot of others, I have received no winnings even after my ID was acknowledged. You must log in or catalogue to reply here. Groups Public Events. Marius on June 28, Mel arrange May 17,


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