Note: it's probably rarely a good aim to handle multiple sessions so assume again if you think you allow a good use for it.

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Designed for example, the file session handler barely allows characters in the range a-z A-Z , comma and - minus! You are confusing authentication with assembly state. I've even gone in an submitted test orders over and above and they'll work, then bam I'll get the "whooops you're session" has timed out. Zen Cart - putting the dream of business ownership contained by reach of anyone! On my approach it was setting 'no-store', which is much more severe than 'no-cache' after that what was breaking the back-button. A Request.

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Before TRUE was returned. Retrieving data A propos the programmatic logout, you mean so as to I need to keep track of all sessions and call H ttpServletRequest. Furthermore, any advice you see at this juncture about PCI matters is merely an opinionand should not be relied ahead as "official".


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