But as a result of the agree with the total number of scored goals is equal to the total of the rate, bets are refundable.

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It can be any one of the seven numbers that are drawn. Rates are accepted taking into account the overtime and penalty shootout series. Concluded bet is considered to be the bet whose result could not allow been changed if the match had finished. Here you predict whether the result of the first pass bidding be a ball or a achieve, run, home run, an error, etc. Here you predict which of the indicated teams will take a advanced place according to the results of the given stage. If a agree with is suspended or postponed, and not resumed or rescheduled to commence as a result of the end of the day area time , then bets will be void.

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Altogether bets are calculated on the base of the results of the central time of the match 70 minutes playtime, 2 times 35 minutes all. If one of the boxers did not come out at the activation of the next round after hitting the gong, it is considered so as to the match ended in the before round. The following outcomes are possible:. Will there be overtime in the match? Statistical bets — Customer places bet on a defined individual accomplishment of football player in a agree with. Betting is the activity of predicting the outcome of an uncertain affair with measurable outcome, by wagering a money value. When applied specifically en route for economics, there are multiple factors en route for consider when understanding a zero-sum amusement. If the date of the advantage of the match has been carried over for a period of age less than 24 hours, then altogether bets on this match remain applicable.

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But the tournament rules allow an after a while for determining the winner of the pair in case of a appeal to, e. Concluded bet is considered en route for be the bet whose result could not have been changed if the match had finished. When is the winner determined? Bets placed in the new market will be subject en route for a deduction based on the contemporary price. Red card — Football actor is shown red card in the match.

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